Pharmacists arrested in Florida drug raid

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On Sept. 25, three Florida pharmacy employees were arrested by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for allegedly selling prescription drugs for profit. The incidents occurred in the city of DeLand in Volusia County.

Federal agents raided Peters Pharmacy on Orange Camp Road and Ormond Pharmacy on West Grenada Road. According to the DEA, two pharmacists and a pharmacy technician were selling narcotics from the back doors of the two businesses. All three individuals were taken into custody. The pharmacists–a man and a woman–are accused of illegally selling oxycodone, hydrocodone and ketamine for profit. They face charges of drug trafficking and drug possession with the intent to sell. A female pharmacy technician reportedly faces similar charges.

A woman who works near one of the pharmacies said she and others have long suspected illegal activity at the pharmacies due to the “type of traffic” the businesses received. The arrest warrant indicated that a local business owner tipped off the DEA. According to the agency, federal officers have been observing the pharmacies since February 2013.

Florida residents arrested on drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug possession and/or intent to distribute charges can face severe consequences if they are convicted. Typical penalties include steep fines and lengthy prison terms. However, a defendant could help their case by retaining a criminal defense attorney who could carefully examine the evidence in the case for inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Legal counsel could also scrutinize police conduct for signs a defendant’s rights were violated during the search and resulting seizure. In some circumstances, the attorney may recommend negotiating for a plea deal that reduces the most serious charges.

Source: WESH, “DEA: 2 pharmacists charged with selling narcotics for profit,” Amanda Ober, Sept. 25, 2015


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