Florida day care employees face drug charges

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A manager of a day care center was one of four people taken into custody in Florida for selling drugs at the center. The manager’s son and daughter along with a family friend were also taken into custody.

The manager’s home was also used as a day care. Reports say that on searching the premises, police found drug equipment and cannabis. Police claim that a glass smoking device and drug paraphernalia were found near children.

The manager is facing charges for child neglect and possession of cannabis and drug equipment. Police say that her son tried to flush drugs down the toilet, so he is charged with attempted destruction of evidence. He is also charged with possession and possession with intent. Her daughter has been charged with drug possession.

People who are facing drug charges may wish to consult an attorney who has experience in criminal defense matters. These charges can be serious, and they can affect an individual’s career or educational path. people may wish to discuss a plea bargain or other strategies for reducing penalties with the attorney. In a plea bargain arrangement, the defendant will agree to plead guilty, often to fewer or lesser charges, in exchange for the receipt of a lighter sentence. Defendants may also wish to plead innocent. They may have been in the proximity of drugs but might not necessarily be involved in possession or distribution. Another option might be trying to get the charges dismissed. Police are required to follow certain procedures for searches, and if these procedures are not followed, the charges may in some cases be dropped.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Police: 4 arrested for selling drugs at Florida daycare,” Zach Dennis, Nov. 9, 2015


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