DUI on a Bicycle

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It is commonly known that driving a car while under the influence of drugs and alcohol is illegal and dangerous. What about operating other types of vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? It is commonly thought that riding your bike home from a night of drinking is an easy and safe way to avoid harm and a DUI arrest. However, Florida is one of five states that have statues considering a bicycle a vehicle. Because of these statues Florida considers biking under the influence a crime. If your ability to drive is impaired, whether you are operating a motorized vehicle or a non-motorized vehicle, you are at risk for a DUI arrest.

In Florida whether the same penalties of operating a car apply to operating a bicycle depends on the scenario. There have been past cases where operating a bicycle under the influence carried the same penalties as operating a motorized vehicle. This depends on your past DUI and driving record, your blood alcohol content, and other factors at the officer’s discretion.

It is always important to avoid operating any type of vehicle while drinking. Plan to call a cab or designated driver to pick you up. If you have been arrested for a DUI, whether on a motorized vehicle or not, it is essential to your case that your contact an attorney immediately.  Remember, no DUI arrest is ever perfect and your case deserves a diligent and passionate defense attorney.  Call The Law Offices of Platt Cole Russell & Simpson PLLC today to schedule your free consultation (321) 72-LEGAL.


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