Identifying emotional abuse

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Some Florida residents may believe that abuse occurs only if there is physical violence involved. However, this is actually not the case. A person can also be emotionally abused; although, this type of abuse may be harder to spot.

Although physical and emotional abuse often go hand-in-hand, emotional abuse can occur without violence. If one person threatens, isolates or attempts to control another person and it affects that person’s well-being, they may be experiencing emotional abuse. In many cases, emotional abuse can last for years and eventually be a precursor to physical abuse. If a person believes that they are being emotionally abused, they should get help with leaving the relationship.

Emotional abuse comes in many forms. A person may be an emotional abuser if they isolate another person by discouraging them from seeing friends and family or by monitoring all of their activities. They may accuse their significant other of being unfaithful even if there is no evidence of infidelity. They may control spending, threaten to harm loved ones and family members or even humiliate their partner in front of others. Emotionally abusive individuals may even threaten to harm themselves should their significant other attempt to leave.

While emotional abuse can be difficult to prove, the accusations can result in serious consequences for the alleged abuser. If a person is facing charges for emotional abuse, domestic violence or physical injury, a criminal law attorney may assist with fighting the accusations. Depending on how strong the evidence is, the attorney may seek to have the charges dismissed.


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