Startup creates new tool to combat drunk driving

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A new device aims to keep drunk drivers off the road in Florida and elsewhere through a patch worn on a person’s arm. The product is called ONUSBlue and was created by a New Mexico startup called DermaTec. It senses how much alcohol a person has consumed by analyzing his or her sweat, and it is designed to change colors as an individual’s alcohol level increases.

Depending the color of the patch, an individual may be deemed too intoxicated to drive. The company hopes to partner with bars and restaurants to make customized branded patches that can be used to monitor an individual’s sobriety when leaving the establishment. DermaTec also hopes to sell the patch to individual consumers as a way to help friends and family members stay safe and accountable while on the road.

Individuals who drive while under the influence of alcohol could face a variety of charges. In addition to the DUI charge itself, individuals could be charged with vehicular assault or homicide if they hurt or kill someone while driving drunk. Those with a past history of DUI convictions may face increased penalties such as prison time and a license revocation as opposed to jail time or a license suspension. The amount of any fine levied may also be higher for those with previous convictions.

Accordingly, people who are currently facing drunk driving charges may wish to speak with an attorney. An attorney may be able to create a defense such as pointing out errors in the way a blood or urine test was conducted. It may also be possible to cast doubt on the legality of a traffic stop that led to drunk driving or other charges.


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