Accidents cost more than just vehicle damage

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Vehicle damage is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a car accident. You step out of your vehicle to check out your crushed bumper, or sulk at the huge scrapes along the side of the door. Most people do not realize that car accidents can be devastating in more ways than just vehicle damage. The result of getting in a serious motor vehicle accident can have a lasting impact on your life physically, emotionally and financially.

Victims of car accidents who experience the following types of damages can seek help from an attorney. Everything below can be covered by compensation from a personal injury lawsuit. While some have direct monetary connections, other must be given a fair cost estimate by the court.

Outstanding medical bills

After you are injured in a car accident you will be rushed to a nearby hospital. Testing, x-rays, and surgeries can have huge price tags. While regular hospital bills are already expensive, you might end up with an out-of-network hospital or doctor – especially if you are brought in an ambulance. These costs will continue with follow up appointments or physical therapy. In total the average auto liability claim for injuries in the U.S. is $15,443. Some people end up with much bigger bills which are not covered by insurance.

Missed wages

If you are injured in an accident then you will need some time off work to heal. If you are low on vacation time, or if you work hourly, your paycheck will suffer. Minor injuries might not be such a big deal, but if you are left unable to walk or type then you could be out of work for a while.

Decreased earning capacity

While some injuries might reduce a few paychecks, more severe injuries can have a lasting impact on your earning potential. Let’s say that you work in the restaurant business. You are on your feet all day, rushing around the building. Suddenly someone hits you on your way to work and broke your leg. You might heal but your leg will continue to be painful and stiff for years to come, if not indefinitely. This means that you will need to work from the bottom up in a new industry and will suffer a pay cut in the meantime.

Pain and emotional distress

The process of healing is not easy. You must suffer physical pain as a constant reminder of the traumatizing event that you went through. You might be scared to drive in the future, constantly checking all your mirrors for an oncoming vehicle. This type of cost has no monetary value, but is just as important. While it is hard to put a dollar amount on pain, it is possible for the court to award you payment for the suffering you have endured.

Loss of companionship

Most people don’t talk about the loss of companionship that comes along with a new disability. If you have suffered an injury that is temporary or permanent there is a good chance that you cannot enjoy the benefits of marriage such as affection, intimacy and sexual relations the same way as before. This can just be another difficult aspect to deal with after an injury.

These are just some of the many losses that can come after a car accident. These grievances can be hard to bear alone. If you find yourself dealing with these issues then seek help from friends, loved ones, or assistance services on your path to recovery.


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