Cyberbullying: A real crime with real consequences

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Cyberbullying is a very real concern that affects the health and safety of every young person on the internet. The mistreatment and harassment of others in chat rooms, through private messaging and on social media platforms is now a major public health concern, and, as a result, new statutes in Florida can bring strict penalties to students convicted of this type of criminal activity.

Cybercrimes and criminal charges related to computer use may not seem serious, but, if your child is facing charges related to this type of activity, his or her future and personal freedom are on the line. This situation is serious and likely merits the assistance of an experienced defense attorney.

What is cyberbullying and why is it a crime?

Cyberbullying is essentially the online harassment, mistreatment or bullying of another individual. The sharp increase in the number of these types of incidents likely corresponds to the increase in the number of young people who have access to various methods of communication through a variety of devices. While adults are sometimes involved in this type of behavior, it is especially common for adolescents.

Cyberbullying goes beyond simply calling names and hurling insults back and forth over Facebook. Victims who file charges over alleged cyberbullying often claim the following:

  • They feared physical harm to their person or their personal property.
  • Their academic performance and participation in extracurricular activities suffered.
  • They were afraid to go to school, be alone, attend certain classes or interact with their peers as usual.

These are serious accusations, and cyberbullying is an extremely concerning issue. However, those accused of this behavior retain the right to fight back and confront these allegations. Criminal charges or pending investigations do not necessarily mean that a conviction will follow.

You can protect your child’s future

Is your child facing accusations of cyberbullying? Is there an active investigation into your child’s online activities? Immediate action is necessary to effectively confront any charges that may come and to protect the rights of your child. By acting on behalf of your child, you may protect his or her future interests and potentially shield him or her from serious penalties.

A defense attorney experienced in complex computer crimes cases is your best ally in such an overwhelming and frightening situation. With the right help, it may be possible to secure a dismissal or a favorable outcome for your child.


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