Even without outward signs, head injuries could prove damaging

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When you think of a catastrophic injury, you may picture wounds that result in blood loss or obvious external trauma. However, some severe injuries may not show outward signs or even immediately indicate that serious trauma has occurred. If you or someone you love has suffered a bump on the head, the possibility exists that your brain has suffered an injury.

Closed head injury

If the injury did not cause a penetrating wound to the skull, the injury falls into the category of a closed head injury. Though some individuals may dismiss this type of damage as minor because no outward signs presented themselves, the brain can still suffer trauma in such an event. Therefore, you may wish to seek a medical examination to determine whether any harm resulted.

In cases of closed head injuries, the brain could strike the inside of the skull, which could result in bruising or other harm. In some instances, more than one wound could result if the brain hits multiple sides of the skull. You may have often heard of individuals suffering concussions or may have even suffered one yourself; concussions are a common closed head injury.

In addition to concussions, more severe brain injuries could also result. Tears in the brain could lead to a diffuse axonal injury, which could damage nerves in your brain. Nerve damage could lead to substantial complications with comprehension and bodily functions.

Medical treatment

In some cases, individuals may need surgery to reduce swelling or other pressure on the brain. This type of surgery could involve removing a portion of the skull. Even if the injury does not present such severe symptoms, other medical procedures may prove necessary to ensure that the injury heals in the best manner possible.

Long-term effects

If you fall within the 15 percent of individuals who suffer lasting effects from a brain injury, your life could change considerably. You may need assistance carrying out duties that were once commonplace. In addition to needing help, you may find yourself experiencing emotional and physical troubles that could reduce your quality of life.

Legal action

If your injury resulted due to a car accident or other incident caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person, you may have cause to file a legal claim against the responsible party. This type of claim could help you pursue compensation for medical expenses and personal damages stemming from your injury. If you feel such action could suit your circumstances, you may wish to enlist the assistance of an experienced Florida attorney.


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