Traumatic brain injuries can devastate family finances

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Recent headlines have revealed the dangers of repeated head trauma in sports. Similarly, you may have joined others who watched with hopeful expectation as comedian Tracy Morgan made a triumphant return to the stage after suffering a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. While these incidents may evoke some curiosity, in reality, almost 2 million people in Florida and across the country suffer brain injuries each year.

While many of these people recover to live normal lives, more than 5.3 million people in the United States spend the rest of their lives coping with disabilities that result from those injuries. If you have a loved one who has recently suffered a traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle or other type of accident, you understand the anxiety and uncertainty others in your situation may feel.

The challenges of recovery

After a brain injury, your loved one’s therapist will work with you to help maintain a quality of life. Depending on the severity of the injury, the area of the brain in which the injury occurred and the overall health of your loved one, the level of recovery may vary. Generally, your loved one’s care givers will be looking to improve the following areas of your loved one’s life:

  • Cognition
  • Behavioral control
  • Emotional well-being
  • Social interaction
  • Occupational skills

Studies show that providing a brain trauma victim with the satisfaction of having a productive role in society is one of the best ways to bring about a positive outcome.

Nevertheless, there is the possibility that your loved one will require medical care and attention for the rest of his or her life. Some estimate that such treatment ends up costing families up to $3 million for lifetime care. Unless you are a celebrity, it’s not likely you have that kind of money readily available. While you certainly want your loved one to have the therapy and medications required to facilitate as complete a recovery as possible, you may have no idea how you are going to manage.

Seeking the compensation you deserve

If your loved one’s brain injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you have every right to feel frustration. While you may feel uneasy thinking about money while your loved one struggles to get well, the fact is that the two go hand in hand. Seeking compensation for the injuries your loved one suffered may mean more advanced care and a more complete recovery.

Discussing your loved one’s situation with a personal injury attorney is the first step. An attorney will examine your situation and help you determine how best to proceed in seeking damages from the person considered responsible for the accident that caused the injuries. With adequate funding, your loved one will be able to have quality treatment and hopefully progress toward a quality standard of living.


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