Are you prepared to meet with a personal injury attorney?

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The injuries you suffer in a car accident may leave you with a sense of helplessness. Not only may you have a diminished ability to carry out tasks that you once could with ease, but you could also experience emotional challenges and financial difficulties. Because these struggles can add unnecessary burdens to your life, you may consider pursuing compensation for applicable damages.

Due to another person causing your injuries, you certainly have the legal right to pursue a claim for recompense. However, the idea of beginning a legal process may seem intimidating, and as a result, you may find yourself disregarding the idea. If you feel uncertain, you may wish to gain legal assistance and better understand what to expect when meeting with an attorney.


In order to better understand your case, your prospective legal counsel will ask you various questions. By preparing ahead of time, you may feel more confident in explaining your situation. Therefore, you may want to expect questions relating to topics such as:

  • Details of the accident
  • Your insurance coverage
  • Who you have spoken with about the accident
  • The release of your medical records
  • Injuries you suffered in the accident
  • Your current medical status

The information you provide by answering these and other related questions could help an attorney determine whether he or she can effectively handle your case.

Meeting outcomes

After your initial meeting, a few different outcomes could take place. The attorney could accept your case and contact you in order to get the ball rolling and help you understand your legal options. The possibility also exists that the individual may decline to take on your case due to lack of evidence, caseload, capability or numerous other factors. Additionally, if the attorney does not want to take your case or cannot take the case, he or she may refer you to another legal professional.

Even if you do not obtain the services of the first lawyer with whom you speak, another experienced Florida attorney could provide you with the assistance you desire. Therefore, you may wish to explore your options and prepare your medical records, insurance information and accident facts ahead of time to ensure that you can answer necessary questions to the best of your ability. Once you obtain legal counsel, you may feel more confident in moving forward with your personal injury case.


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