A solid prenuptial agreement can save you time and money

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Is planning your own wedding part of your schedule this summer? If so, let us congratulate you and wish you the best of years to come with your intended spouse! If it’s the first time you’ve ever planned a wedding, you’ve likely been facing several challenges regarding reception venues, food, guest lists and other “big day” issues. Some Florida residents choose to hire others to plan their weddings for them to alleviate stress and remove some of the burdens associated with such events.

Whether you bring in a team of decorators, party planners and choreographers to stage your special ceremony or plan everything down to the last detail yourself, there’s no crime in asking for help when it comes to certain important topics. If you have already put in a lot of time, effort and money into growing a business, acquiring property or making financial investments to secure your future, it’s understandable you want to protect your assets and seek knowledgeable assistance as you and your intended spouse begin married life together.

Why not consider signing a prenuptial agreement?

Many people in Florida preparing for marriage (and even some who have been married for decades) say that romance is a key factor in strengthening their relationships. This apparently sometimes leads people to hesitate when it comes to signing prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements. Just because you want to protect your assets and secure future financial stability doesn’t mean you are unromantic. In fact, the following list contains many possible benefits associated with signing a prenuptial agreement:

  • Many may consider helping your intended spouse avoid future stress romantic. A prenuptial agreement may help you, especially when it comes to certain financial issues.
  • You can assign personal debt liability if you wish to separate outstanding debt heading into marriage, such as college loans, credit card balances and/or other financial obligations that might exist.
  • You and your future spouse can decide whether to maintain separate ownership of particular assets, property and/or business-related interests as you begin your married life together.
  • Having such things in writing helps you prepare as much as possible for the unexpected. While you’re not likely thinking of divorce as you plan your wedding, there’s no harm in covering all your bases. It’s a fact many married couples who thought their relationships would last their lifetimes wind up severing marital ties in court.

There’s no rule saying you must sign a prenuptial agreement before you get married. However, many savvy business owners and others concerned with asset protection and future financial stability in the event of divorce choose to do so as a means of gaining peace of mind and making sure both intended spouses are on the same page as they take their first steps as married partners. A key factor in drafting a solid prenuptial agreement often lies in seeking experienced guidance in the process.

A Florida family law attorney has the understanding of the ins and outs of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements needed to properly review a proposed agreement to help make sure all necessary inclusions have been made in order to satisfy your personal needs and ultimate financial goals.


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