Has need for bone fracture repair left you feeling splintered?

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After involvement in a car accident, you may feel frightened, shaken and confused. If you have suffered injuries, you may also find yourself in a great deal of pain and wonder how medical professionals will treat your injuries. Depending on the severity of your wounds, your treatment could range from relatively minor to needing extensive surgery.

If you have suffered one or multiple broken bones as an outcome of the accident, the possibility exists that you could need surgery in order to have the bones properly repaired. Of course, you will need a proper medical examination to determine the true severity of your injuries.

Injuries that need surgery

When you think of fractured bones, you may think back to a time when you broke an arm as a child or had a friend who suffered such an injury and had to wear a cast in order to heal. When fractures have the ability to heal properly on their own, you may only need a cast or splint. However, if the break causes the bone to come through the skin or occurs at a joint, more extensive treatment may prove necessary.

If the injury does not heal properly on its own, you could suffer lasting impacts, including limited mobility at or near the site of the injury.

Bone fracture repair

If a doctor determines that your injury requires surgery, you will likely undergo bone fracture repair. This type of surgery may involve the use of a variety of tools to secure the bone in place so that it can heal as best as possible. Those tools may include screws, pins, rods or plates. The procedure may also take several hours, as any type of surgery is a major event and requires care and precision.

Before surgery

In order to determine whether you need surgery, you may undergo X-rays and other scans so that doctors can more fully view the extent of your injuries. These images can help them decide the best course of action for properly treating your fractures. Medical staff may also request other testing to ensure that they have assessed your situation to the best of their abilities.

Personal impacts

The impacts of needing bone fracture repair can reach many areas of your life. You may experience pain and suffering due to the injury itself and the procedure needed to repair it. Additionally, you may withstand negative financial impacts due to the costs associated with medical testing, treatment and possible lost wages as you work to recover. Because of such impacts, you may wish to consider filing a personal injury claim against the individual considered at fault for the car accident that caused your injuries.


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