When the freedom of riding a motorcycle turns into a hazard

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With the feel of the breeze ever present, and the freedom on being out on the road on two wheels, riding a motorcycle can be extremely enjoyable. Perhaps motorcycles are your preferred means of transportation; you might look forward to riding your bike every chance you get.

However, while the lack of restriction may bring about a sense of excitement, it also has its inherent risks. With less protection available to riders, identifying potential hazards could be the best way to avoid a potential catastrophe.

Identifying and dealing with risks to bikers

Motorcycle accidents are often dangerous, many of which end in serious injuries or worse. Chances are, your safety is likely of the utmost importance, potentially leaving you to wonder about the most common causes of biker accidents and how to prepare for each situation, which could include the following:

  • Left turn:  Other vehicles that are making left-hand turns from opposite lanes of traffic pose a threat to many bikers, and having awareness of surrounding vehicles could go a long way in preventing an accident.
  • Rear end:  While a rear-end collision at a traffic light can be dangerous under any circumstance, for bikers, this type of accident could be devastating. Maneuvering to one side of a lane instead of staying in the middle while waiting on a traffic light is generally a solid idea.
  • Corners/intersections:  Corners and intersections are hotspots for motorcycle accidents, and approaching them with caution could be in your best interests.
  • Sudden lane change:  Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, making them less visible on the road. If another driver fails to notice a biker and suddenly changes lanes in front of him or her, the result could be catastrophic.
  • Road conditions:  Slippery and/or wet road conditions can be hazardous for anyone, and taking care to adjust for these conditions is advisable.

When riding in areas with street-side parking, the sudden opening of a car door is always a potential risk, and even motorcycle-related collisions at lesser speeds could throw you from your bike and cause you to suffer serious harm.

Pursuing compensation for injuries

Unfortunately, even if you strictly adhere to Florida traffic laws and motorcycle safety procedures, reacting to the negligent actions of another can be difficult at times, if not impossible. If another party causes an accident, in which you suffer serious injuries, you may wish to pursue financial relief, but the process can be stressful and daunting to navigate alone.

By obtaining guidance from someone with extensive knowledge in this area, you may become better prepared to pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve. This could, in turn, help you move into recovery without an overwhelming amount of financial stress weighing you down.


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