Damage to cervical nerves could have severe outcomes

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As most Florida residents know, suffering injuries can have differing impacts on your life depending on the type of injury, along with where it occurs on the body. Though certain activities may have a reputation for causing specific types of injuries, car accidents can often have a wide range of injury outcomes. In more severe accidents, you could suffer damage to your spine that leaves your life substantially impacted.

The worst level of injuries when it comes to spinal damage can take place when the top of the spine suffers. The reason for this outcome relates to the fact that nerves at the top of the spine can also affect the nerves farther down the spine. Each specific vertebra could cause differing impacts on bodily function and ability.

Cervical nerves

The nerves impacted by the top of the spine relate to cervical nerves. As a result, the vertebrae associated with this area of the spine are labeled C1 through C8, with C1 having the uppermost place on the spine. When any of the vertebrae from C1 to C4 suffer damage, you could face the following possible outcomes no matter which vertebra suffers damage:

  • Paralysis from the injury down, meaning no function in the arms, hands, legs or trunk of the body
  • Lost ability to breathe on your own
  • Lost control of bladder and bowel movements
  • Reduction or impairment in ability to speak

Because of these results, you would need round-the-clock care in order to carry out daily tasks. You will likely also lose the ability to drive a vehicle.

When it comes to damage to the C5 through C8 vertebrae, the results may differ depending on the vertebrae affected. For instance, with a C5 injury you may experience partial or total paralysis of the hands and wrists as well as legs and trunk of the body. This injury will likely also require that you obtain assistance with the majority of your daily activities.

When it comes to a C8 injury, you may retain the ability to grasp objects with your hands. Additionally, you may also have the ability to carry out most of your daily activities on your own but still need help with more difficult tasks. However, you will still have little to no control over bowel or bladder function.

Compensation for injuries

After suffering any type of spinal injury in a car accident, your life could face permanent changes. Because you will likely struggle financially due to medical expenses, lifestyle modifications and possible job loss, you may wish to seek compensation for these and other damages. Information on filing a personal injury claim may help you determine whether this action could suit your circumstances.


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