How delayed-onset injuries continue to hurt car accident victims

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On your seemingly typical drive to work one morning, you end up getting into a sudden car accident stemming from another driver’s carelessness. Sure, the crash causes your head and neck to go back and forth, and your car sustains a little damage, but otherwise, you feel okay. You exchange information with the driver who caused the accident, file a police report and move on with your day.

However, fast-forward to a few weeks later, you are starting to experience some pain. Sometimes pain related to an injury is delayed days or weeks following a motor vehicle crash. There are a few symptoms that are important to watch out for to protect your best interests in Florida.

Types of physical injuries

  • Neck pain: If you have pain in your shoulders or neck, you are likely experiencing whiplash. However, it is possible you may be experiencing a spinal injury as well — for instance, a herniated disk, which can be debilitating.
  • Back pain: Pain in your back, especially in the lower area, might also point to whiplash. However, you may, again, be suffering from a herniated disk. Back pain may also signal a soft-tissue injury, such as damage to your muscle, or a sprain. If you are suffering from numbness or tingling as well, pinched nerves might be the culprit.
  • Headaches: If you are still suffering from a headache days or weeks after your accident, this may be a sign of a brain injury, concussion, neck injury or whiplash. You might even have a blood clot.
  • Abdominal pain: If you have pain the abdominal area, this may be a sign of internal bleeding, which can also cause deep bruising, headaches or dizziness. In this case, seeking immediate medical attention is paramount, as internal injuries to your soft tissue can be serious or even fatal if you do not seek treatment.

Emotional injuries

In addition to facing physical injuries following your car accident, you may find yourself dealing with emotional pain and suffering. For instance, you might have post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or anxiety as a result of the accident itself, your physical injuries or a combination of the two. Injuries to the brain might also lead to personality changes or emotional pain.

What to do

Unfortunately, the delayed injuries you suffered following a car accident in Florida can negatively impact your life by keeping you from being able to work, or by resulting in hefty medical costs. However, as long as you have not signed a liability release with the insurance company of the driver who caused your accident, it is not too late to seek monetary compensation, which can help you to address your injuries.


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