A brain injury really is a family affair

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If you have a loved one who has experienced significant head trauma, you know that the injury did not just affect him or her. A brain injury really is a family affair. Florida residents who find themselves caring for a loved one with a head injury that resulted from the negligent actions of another person may have the right to seek compensation for their losses.

Brain injuries affect everyone differently. There is no saying how well one will recover. Those who experience severe injuries may never fully recover and will find themselves dependent on their family or paid caregivers for the rest of their lives. How can this type of injury change family life?

In the beginning

Right after a brain injury occurs, the victim may spend a great deal of time in the hospital. Sitting with a loved one who’s hooked up to machines, having good days that are quickly followed by bad days, can be emotionally challenging — some would even say devastating. Life is put on hold until doctors can provide answers and you and your loved one can go home or, at least, be released to an extended care facility.

Going home

If a brain injury victim is well enough to go home, it may come at a time when family members may feel unprepared to tackle the challenge of providing for their loved one’s needs. Sometimes, due to resulting disabilities, a lot of changes may be necessary in order to make the house more accessible. This can come at a significant cost.

Caregivers may also feel unprepared to handle the challenges that come with recovery, as it can be highly unpredictable. Brain injury victims often experience behavioral changes on top of physical changes that can throw family members off. After some time, the financial and emotional toll of caring for a person with a brain injury may just seem too much to tackle alone.

How to manage

Everyone has their own way of managing the stress that comes with caring for a brain injury victim. Some people:

  • Seek outside help
  • Make lists
  • Take breaks
  • Go to therapy

No matter what you do, it is important to take time for yourself in order to recharge your batteries.


According to the laws of the state, family members of brain injury victims may seek relief through legal means if the brain injury resulted from another person’s negligence. This compensation would be on top of anything awarded to the victim him- or herself. In order to seek compensation, family members can file civil claims as part of a personal injury claim. If the losses experienced are recoverable, the court may offer a monetary judgment.


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