How to recover when you can’t steer clear of a drunk driver

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There’s no telling when a drunk driver will catch you off guard while navigating a busy Florida highway. Even if you are on the lookout and are extremely cautious behind the wheel, you just never know when another car is going to veer into your lane or hit you from behind. In fact, many people who survive drunk driving accidents say they didn’t even realize they were at risk until it was too late.

If you survive a collision caused by an intoxicated motorist, you may suffer temporary or permanently disabling injuries. In addition to obtaining any medical care available at the scene and appropriate emergency treatment at a hospital in the immediate aftermath of your injuries, you may also be in for a long recovery period in the weeks or months that follow. Knowing ahead of time what types of resources are available to help you through your recovery may help you avoid stress and expedite the healing process.

Did the driver who hit you exhibit one or more of these signs?

Beyond physical recuperation, part of your recovery period may involve gathering evidence so you can file a personal injury claim in court. One or more of the following details may be familiar to you as you think back on the events that led to your accident:

  • Drunk drivers often travel at speeds that are not consistent with traffic flow. They may speed or drive substantially below a posted speed limit. In fact, improper braking at random times is also a sign that a driver may be intoxicated.
  • Cars that bump into curbs when going around bends or come dangerously close to parked vehicles often wind up in collisions. Drivers in such instances may have been distracted or impaired.
  • Did the car that hit you use one turn signal but then attempt a turn in the opposite direction? Using the wrong turn signal or not using turn signals at all are signs of possible intoxication behind the wheel.
  • Another common driving error many drunk drivers make is failing to turn on headlights at night.

If you witness a motorist exhibiting such behavior, you may be able to avoid collision if you can keep a safe distance between you and report the erratic driving patterns to police. If a drunk driver hits your vehicle and you suffer injuries, you may face many unforeseen expenses that you are completely unprepared to meet, in which case, you’d likely want to know if there are options available to help you offset such costs.

One of the ways other Florida accident victims have recovered their losses in past accidents is by pursuing legal accountability against those deemed responsible for their injuries.


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