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Going out for bicycle rides may be an activity you do on a daily basis or one you only partake in occasionally. Any time you go out, you may appreciate the benefits that biking has to offer, such as the ability to get to your destination without using much gas or the chance to get exercise and fresh air. Though bicycling can be an enjoyable activity, it can also come with serious risks if you ride on or near roadways.

Many areas have designated biking lanes or paths, but they are not everywhere. As a result, you could end up very near vehicles while on your outings. Because being struck by a vehicle could cause you serious harm, you may wish to do your best to stay safe while cycling.

Pre-ride prep

Before you even go out on your ride, you may want to take several steps that could help reduce the chances of getting into an accident. Some of those tips include:

  • Riding a bike that is the right size for you
  • Knowing your route ahead of time
  • Choosing the safest route
  • Wearing protective equipment and easily-visible clothing
  • Tucking in loose pieces of clothing, such as shoe laces
  • Ensuring that the bicycle works properly

By starting out your ride with a safe mindset, you may help yourself remain more likely to avoid accidents.

Out and about

Once you start your ride, you still have many tasks to attend to if you hope to ride safely. When you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, you may take actions to be a defensive driver, and you can still do so while on a bike. Make sure that you avoid unnecessary distractions, follow the flow of traffic, adhere to traffic signs and directions, and watch for potential hazards.

You should also always assume that individuals in vehicles do not see you. You could easily end up in a blind spot, or a driver may not pay enough attention to his or her surroundings. Therefore, even if you have the right of way, make sure that drivers see you by drawing attention to yourself and making eye contact if possible.

Dealing with an accident

In the event that you do end up in an accident involving a car, you could suffer considerable injuries. If the driver is considered at fault for the incident, you may wish to consider seeking compensation for allowable damages. Information on filing personal injury claims may help you determine whether this course of action could suit your circumstances.


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