Signs of an intoxicated driver may help you avoid a crash

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Remaining conscientious behind the wheel of a vehicle can significantly help you stay safe while traveling. When you are on the lookout for potential hazards, you may more quickly notice when something dangerous could take place and, as a result, more easily avoid the situation. You may implement various defensive driving techniques in hopes of staying out of harm’s way while on the road.

Of course, you may still have a significant fear that you could encounter a drunk driver. Unfortunately, individuals operating vehicles under the influence are everywhere, and you could easily come across one at some point during your travels. In an attempt to avoid ending up in a accident with such a driver, you may want to do your best to notice if a driver exhibits questionable driving actions that could indicate impairment.

Are you looking at a drunk driver?

Certainly, many individuals on the roads may simply lack the abilities needed to be considered good drivers. As a result, even when sober, they may not always make the best maneuvers on the road. Sometimes, you may wonder whether the person carrying out concerning actions in his or her vehicle is a new learner, bad driver or intoxicated individual. Nonetheless, you likely try to keep your distance.

If you do have concerns that a person may be operating under the influence, you may want to see if you notice any of the following behaviors that drunk drivers often exhibit:

  • Braking and speeding up erratically
  • Turning suddenly
  • Failing to use turning indicators
  • Driving too closely to other vehicles
  • Making unnecessarily wide turns
  • Taking too long to respond to changing traffic signals
  • Traveling well under the speed limit
  • Leaning over the wheel or otherwise having face close to the windshield
  • Swerving or drifting out of his or her lane
  • Almost hitting or actually hitting other vehicles or objects

Intoxicated drivers may also exhibit other signs, and any time you have concerns regarding a driver’s actions, it may prove wise to get off the road as safely as possible and contact emergency services.

Were you injured by a drunk driver?

Unfortunately, even if you do your best to look for and avoid impaired drivers, you may not always have the ability to get out of the way. If a car accident caused by a drunk driver resulted in your suffering serious injuries, you may want to consider seeking compensation for those injuries and other damages permitted under Florida state law.


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