Girl suffers brain injury at Universal Theme park in Florida

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Thousands of people in Florida and around the country flock to one of the many theme parks that Orlando has to offer every year. Usually, it is a place for families and friends to make numerous memories and enjoy a good time. Sadly, for one family, their visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay resulted in their child suffering a brain injury.

The family was enjoying a day together at Volcano Bay, which is a water theme park owned by NBCUniversal Media when their daughter’s accident occurred. At the time, the park had only been operating for three months. While riding in a six-person raft down a water slide, their daughter flipped out of the raft and suffered serious injuries.

According to the lawsuit, the girl’s head was stepped on by another raft rider after falling out, and she became trapped under the raft. She could have possibly drowned, but a lifeguard pulled her out of the water. Immediately following the incident, she could not stand on her own two feet and was taken to a children’s hospital. A year later, her parents claim that she still suffers headaches, vision problems, dizziness and nightmares. In addition to her physical ailments, they report that their daughter is terrified of swimming in water although she was a skilled swim team member prior to her accident.

The lawsuit is seeking at least $15,000 in monetary damages and claims that the park was negligent in supervising, maintaining and designing the ride. Florida residents who feel that their brain injury may have been the result of someone else’s negligence may also want to pursue legal recourse. Lawsuits may potentially result in financial compensation to help cover documented financial losses.

Source:, “Lawsuit against Universal alleges Volcano Bay head injury to teen“, Gabrielle Russon, April 17, 2018


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