Individuals addicted to their cellphones could cause you harm

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When it comes to casual cellphone use, many people think of these devices as convenient tools. On the other hand, when cellphones — smartphones in particular — become a nuisance, it is not unusual for individuals to feel that people would be better served to put the phones down and take in their surroundings.

While these differing views may create intergenerational conflict because younger individuals believe that older people do not understand the benefits of cellphone use, these devices can prove immensely distracting. In fact, people may even become addicted to their cellphones. You may consider yourself a casual enough user that your cellphone does not pose much issue in your life, but the addiction of others could potentially cause you harm.

What are the signs of cellphone addiction?

Though you may know that cellphones can act as a major distraction, you may think that labeling excessive use as an addiction is a bit far-fetched. However, some people may exhibit signs that indicate addictive behavior. Some symptoms of cellphone addiction include:

  • Losing time due to cellphone use
  • Needing more time on the phone and the newest devices
  • Feelings of anger, irritability and depression when cellphone use is unavailable
  • Unable to use the cellphone less often
  • Putting relationships or employment at risk due to cellphone use

At first, you may think that these issues affect only the person using the phone, but really you could also face negative impacts due to someone else’s addiction.

What impacts could you face?

Individuals who have a cellphone addiction typically use their phones no matter the setting. This means that they may also choose to use their phones while operating a vehicle. Drivers may attempt to make phone calls, send text messages or even search the internet, which can cause serious distractions. As a result, you could end up in harm’s way when a distracted driver causes a car accident.

If you have suffered serious injuries due to someone using a cellphone while driving or because of another distraction, you may have reason to pursue compensation against the driver considered at fault. Information on personal injury claims could help you determine whether this type of action could suit your circumstances. If your claim proves successful, you could obtain monetary awards for pain and suffering, medical bills, and other damages permitted under Florida state law.


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