A serious bone break may need a serious surgical procedure

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Broken bones are fairly common injuries that most people suffer at some point in their lives. Even if you have not suffered a bone fracture yourself, you likely have known someone who has. Commonly, these injuries involve have a cast or splint put on the area of the body that suffered the break in order for the injury to heal without further damage.

Of course, some fractures can cause considerable damage, and using a splint or cast may not be enough to ensure that proper healing occurs. As a result, bone fracture repair may need to take place.

A surgical procedure

Bone fracture repair goes far beyond simply immobilizing a limb in order for a bone to set and heal. In fact, this treatment involves a surgical procedure that typically includes attaching metal stabilizers — like pins or plates — to the fractured bone in order to allow it to remain in the proper position for optimal healing. This type of operation may seem drastic, but in cases of severe bone breaks, it is often necessary to ensure that the injury does not cause further unnecessary and lasting damage.

A doctor may perform a bone fracture repair surgery in the event that the bone has penetrated the skin or if the fracture has occurred at a joint. Without proper attention, these injuries could heal in ways that leave you with limited movement and ability.

In order to determine whether the procedure is necessary, you may need to undergo various x-rays and scans. If your doctor does believe the surgery needs to take place, you may be in for an hours-long operation that will include the use of general or local anesthetics. Depending on the severity of the injury, doctors may need to use a variety of tools to stabilize your bone, and you could even need a more invasive procedure known as a bone graft to repair severe damage.


If the operation proves successful, it will likely take weeks for you to recover. Unfortunately, you could also face complications during and after the procedure. As a result, you may have to contend with a number of setbacks, including pain and suffering, time away from work, and medical expenses.

If a car accident caused by another driver leads to your suffering an injury that needs bone fracture repair, you may want to consider seeking compensation for damages. A personal injury claim could help you with this endeavor, and obtaining information on this legal option may prove useful to you.


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