Car accidents: Teens die in fatal Tesla crash

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Companies such as Tesla are introducing new motor vehicle technology on roadways. Although new technology often advances transportation and introduces new solutions to traditional fuel-operated vehicles, new issues may arise when used in everyday life. The National Transportation Safety Board recently launched an investigation involving one of Florida’s recent fatal car accidents that involved a new Tesla vehicle.

The vehicle was being driven by an 18-year-male, who was senior nearing high school graduation with hopes of attending a top-rated university in the fall. The crash occurred on part of a road often deemed as “dead man’s curve.” The driver and one of his senior classmates became trapped in the vehicle once it crashed and caught on fire. Another passenger was ejected from the vehicle after impact and is being treated at a medical facility.

The NTSB wanted to investigate the emergency response and details of the fire. Tesla’s are operated by special, large lithium batteries that burn hotter than other batteries. Initial investigation and reports indicate that the driver may have been operating the vehicle at a higher rate of speed than the area’s limit, and Tesla reports that the car’s autopilot mode was not in use at the time of the crash.

Some car accidents are complicated, and some victims choose to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney early in the aftermath. Florida attorneys can assist victims or families of deceased victims understand the reports and explain any legal recourse options that may be available to help cover medical and burial expenses. Sometimes, it is appropriate to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against presumed negligent parties.

Source:, “NTSB investigating Tesla crash, fire that killed 2 Florida teens“, Karma Allen, May 10, 2018


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