Pedestrian safety tips: look out for yourself

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Whether walking or running around town or your own neighborhood, you need to look out for yourself. Auto-pedestrian accidents happen all too often in the state of Florida, and the victims of such incidents tend to end up with severe — if not fatal — injuries. 

What are some things that pedestrians can do to protect themselves? Is there anything drivers can do to prevent pedestrian accidents? What can victims of pedestrian accidents or — in the event of a fatality — their surviving family members do after such an event? 


Pedestrian accidents can happen any time of day, though, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, they most commonly occur between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight. In order to help from falling victim to an auto-pedestrian collision, there are things you can do to protect yourself. A few safety tips from AAA include:

  • Wear clothes that are lightly colored or reflective
  • Avoid walking in areas that lack lighting
  • Stay alert
  • Cross in crosswalks or at traffic signals — if available
  • Avoid walking while distracted — such as while using your cell phone
  • Understand and follow traffic rules

While pedestrians may have the right-of-way in a lot of situations, this does not mean that you should not watch out for cars. Drivers are not likely to be actively looking out for you. 


It can be easy for drivers to get distracted or not see pedestrians if they are not careful. Those behind the wheel can help prevent pedestrian accidents by:

  • Paying attention to their surroundings
  • Not driving while impaired
  • Yielding to pedestrians
  • Maintaining control of their vehicles

Any driver can end up getting in an accident with a pedestrian. These events tend to happen in a split second. Just do the best you can and stay focused on operating your vehicle in a safe manner. 

Your night out, your daily run, your casual stroll, your bike ride — anything that puts you on the street or sidewalk as a pedestrian — does not have to end with you in the hospital, or worse. Do the best you can to look out for yourself and follow these pedestrian safety tips. If you do find yourself injured in a pedestrian accident, or if you lose a loved one in such an event, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses through legal means. 


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