When affairs started on Facebook lead to divorce

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When you found out that your spouse was cheating, you may have felt beyond betrayed. You may also have wondered whether you should have known sooner. Before you beat yourself up, you may want to understand that this type of issue leads to the ending of many marriages, and you likely did not have reason to suspect the problem prematurely.

What may have surprised you most about the situation, however, is that your spouse’s affair started out using a social media platform that you once considered innocent: Facebook. You may not have questioned your spouse’s use of the site as many people, likely yourself included, use your profile to stay updated with friends and family. However, for your soon-to-be ex, Facebook use may have exacerbated already negative feelings.

Fueling dissatisfaction

In many ways, social media can help fuel anyone’s dissatisfaction in life. Most people choose to put the best parts of their lives on display when using Facebook, so someone already dissatisfied with his or her own life and relationships may become more disheartened by endlessly scrolling through the happy photos and status updates posted by other people. As a result, thoughts of “I wish my life was like that” begin to creep in.

Access to exes

Unfortunately, when individuals begin to feel unhappy with their lives, they may start to think back on times when they felt excited or more alive. Before you know it, your spouse has looked up the profile of an old flame and started up a conversation. Perhaps it started out innocently enough as a way of catching up and reminiscing. After a while, however, the conversation moved from online to in-person, and the situation became intimate.

Certainly, other forms of social media could have similar effects, but it could prove easier to cover up deceitful actions when using Facebook by claiming to check the profile of a local restaurant or other establishment than it would be if using another platform such as Instagram.

Facebook and divorce

While the use of Facebook may have begun the affair that led to the decision to end your marriage, this and other forms of social media could also come into play during your divorce proceedings. While you may begrudge these sites for contributing to the end of your relationship, you may want to explore how the information your spouse posted to these platforms could potentially benefit you during legal proceedings as you work toward settlement terms you desire.


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