Are you wearing the right sunglasses for driving?

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For you, fashion or otherwise looking and feeling your best may be a major part of your life. You may painstakingly decide what outfits you should wear and what accessories would best go with the look you are trying to achieve. As you grab your keys to head out with friends, set off to work or run errands, you may also grab a pair of sunglasses to help protect your eyes but that also go with your outfit.

Though you think the shades complete your look, have you considered whether they are right for driving? If you have not had this thought, you are not alone. Many people may know that ensuring the UVA/UVB protection of sunglasses is important, but they often do not consider how the various other aspects of their frames could impact the way they drive.

Trendy is not always safe

You can find sunglasses in a variety of stores from chains dedicated only to selling sunglasses to racks set up at gas stations. Some of them may have lenses that offer interesting colors, like pink or blue, and while you may think a pair of colorful shades could add some fun to your style, that coloring may alter the way your eyes perceive color. While behind the wheel, these colored lenses could result in you not seeing the color of traffic lights correctly while also failing to safely reduce brightness.

Check the features

Many people choose their shades simply by the way they look. If drivers want to ensure that their sunglasses will help and not hinder their vision, checking that the lenses are UVA/UVB protective is a major aspect, but checking that the lenses are polarized is also beneficial. Polarized lenses work to reduce glare that comes from sunlight bouncing off roadways and other vehicles.

You should also make sure that your sunglasses fit correctly and that sizes of the lenses work to protect your vision and do not hinder your line of sight. Ill-fitting glasses could easily become more of a distraction than a safety measure if you constantly have to keep them from falling off your face or the edges of the lenses block your view in any way.

Keep safety a priority

While you may think that your fashion-statement sunglasses will perfectly complete your look, you may want to put them on while you are not driving. Having a separate pair in your vehicle specifically for driving could help you stay safe and avoid causing a serious car accident due to issues with your vision. After you exit your car, you can switch out your frames to complete your look.

If other individuals do not take such care when choosing their eyewear, you could end up injured. If so, you may have reason to consider your legal options for pursuing compensation for damages resulting from a car accident.


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