Man charged with drunk driving after failing to move over

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Many states, including Florida, have passed a move-over law in recent years. The law aims to protect anyone who may have the need to pull over to the side of the road, which is most often emergency workers or law enforcement. Failure to move over can result in a collision with the stationary vehicle, which can, in turn, cause serious and even fatal injuries to that vehicle’s driver and passengers. One man ended up with serious criminal charges after a failure to move over for a trooper on the side of the road, and complicating his legal matters, he has additional charges for drunk driving.

The 32-year-old man was allegedly trying to make his way home late night when he failed to move over. Troopers had made a traffic stop with another vehicle when the man allegedly flew past the troopers without moving into the other lane. The troopers decided to pursue the man’s vehicle and pulled him over 12 miles later.

The man reported that he was on his way home; however, he was traveling in the opposite direction. Smelling alcohol on the man, troopers performed field sobriety tests, and the man allegedly failed the tests. An alcohol breath test registered .353, which is four times the legal limit. Not only was he charged with a failure to move over, he was also charged with DUI and an open container violation.

Because alcohol naturally impairs a person’s judgment, driving under the influence can have terrible repercussions outside of any legal ramifications. Individuals who have faced drunk driving or similar charges find securing a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Florida a benefit and asset to their defense. Sometimes, through skilled negotiations, charges can be reduced or sometimes dropped altogether.


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