Riders may have suffered brain injury on Florida roller coaster

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Roller coaster riders typically enjoy a ride for the thrill and rush it offers. Unfortunately, one roller coaster ride in Florida offered several riders more than just an adrenaline rush. Something went wrong and one of the coaster’s cars derailed, injuring nine riders. Two riders may have suffered a possible brain injury after a 34-foot drop onto concrete.

Several bystanders witnessed the accident. Reportedly, the front car of the ride became completely derailed, leaving some riders hanging on until help arrived. Before rescue help could arrive, witnesses report two riders to fell out of the car and hit their heads on the concrete below, falling approximately 34 feet. Seven other victims also suffered various other injuries. Only two victims remain in a medical facility; hospital officials have not released details of their condition. 

A month before the accident occurred, the ride did not pass inspection and risked closure. Reportedly, they fixed all documented issues and the ride was permitted to remain open. Inspectors were also concerned about other safety issues in 2017 with the ride, but ride operators were able to pass the inspection follow-up.

Any brain injury can be life-changing and difficult to maintain a previous way of life depending on the extent of the injury. Brain injuries can be particularly difficult because long-term effects are not immediately known. Some injuries prevent a victim from earning an income and may accumulate expensive medical bills. Florida attorneys can guide an injured client with understanding his or her rights to file a personal injury lawsuit within the state’s civil justice system.


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