Wrongful death: Mother killed in head-on-collision

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Families usually need some sort of closure when a loved one dies due to the negligence of another. Florida personal injury attorneys are often able to help assist a family to find closure through a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. Lawsuits do not change the circumstances of grief, but the offer of legal recourse is sometimes comforting to victims by holding culpable parties fully accountable for negligence. Sadly, a recent crash has left a family without a mother and two other family members injured.

A 30-year-old mother and two children were seriously injured when another vehicle veered into their lane, and the vehicles experienced a head-on collision. Unfortunately, the mother was suffered serious injuries and did not survive. Her two children were in the vehicle with her and also suffered serious injuries have survived with medical treatment. Their current condition is unknown. The other 26-year old male driver and his passenger also suffered injuries but have survived.

Authorities suspect that the other driver may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash. Complicating matters if he is charged for his actions in this accident, he has a recent criminal history of shoplifting. He has also been arrested in the past for meth and marijuana possession.

Families who suffer the sudden loss of a loved one must process their grief amidst a myriad of decisions for a burial. Unexpected plans to be made are not only stressful but an expensive burden for a family to suddenly finance. Florida personal injury attorneys can examine the collected evidence and details of an accident and advise a family if a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court is an appropriate avenue for legal recourse.


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