Wrongful death: Woman hit by dump truck dies

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A Florida community is grieving the loss of long-time resident. A tragic accident with a city dump truck resulted in serious injuries to one woman, which she did not survive. Depending on the details and evidence collected, it may be a case of wrongful death.

The victim was a 49-year-old retired elementary school teacher. Reportedly, she was well-known and loved in her community. She was taking a walk near her home when the accident occurred. Witnesses did not see the accident, but the driver of the truck immediately appeared to be in physical distress so much so that they believed he was having a heart attack.

According to the initial investigation reports, the retired teacher was struck as the dump truck was backing up. Apparently, it had been emptying a nearby dumpster between two buildings just prior to the accident. Reports state that dump trucks must beep as they back up or the driver must blow a horn to warn people of its movement; it is not clear if either noise was made. In addition, no reports have verified if the teacher was walking with earbuds in her ear and had the ability to have heard or see the truck.

A Florida personal injury attorney can explain options for legal recourse to surviving family members, including the possibility of pursuing wrongful death litigation through the state’s civil justice system. Compensation cannot alter the outcome of a tragic fatal accident. It can assist a family with the financial burden that families experience following an individual’s death.


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