Car accidents: Truck driver says his phone distracted him

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Smartphones have changed our lives. A smartphone connects users to friends, family and the world through all the applications available for use. Unfortunately, studies have shown that use of a phone while driving can result in increased chances of car accidents. One Florida driver allegedly admitted that his recent accident was due to distraction by his cell phone.

The driver of a pickup truck allegedly confessed that he dropped his cell phone just prior to his accident. He stated that he had leaned down to pick up his phone while continuing to operate his truck. In the process, he did not see the three people crossing the road on horses. It has not been determined by authorities if the driver was speeding.

A 62-year-old female volunteer trainer who has been riding horses for 50 years was leading a 9-year-old girl and her father across the road on their horses when the trainer and the girl were struck by the pickup truck. Both females were thrown from their horses at impact, and both suffered serious injuries. Reportedly, the girl was wearing a helmet, and her condition is unknown. The trainer’s husband reported that the woman suffered a concussion, cut on her foot, a broken rib and broken backbones. The pickup driver has not been charged criminally related to the accident, but the investigation is pending.

Car accidents such as this one are preventable. A momentary distraction of a phone can result in serious injuries, changing the course of lives for anyone involved. In addition, treatment for injuries can result in a financial burden for patients and their families. Florida personal injury attorneys can advise anyone injured in an accident of their legal options to seek compensation.


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