3 wrong-way motor-vehcile accidents result in deaths

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Duval County is currently undergoing a $1.3 million project to update and add signs to many roadways. The Understandably, adequate signage is helpful and necessary to ensure safety on all Florida roadways. Despite current signage on two bridges, three different wrong-way motor vehicle accidents occurred near two bridges over the span of a few days.

The investigations for all three accidents are still pending, and authorities are not yet sure how they may have occurred. The first head-on crash resulted in the vehicles erupting into flames. Sadly, one man was killed in that crash and two girls suffered serious injuries. Hours later another fatal head-on crash occurred when a driver traveling in the wrong direction seriously injured one individual and killed another.

A third crash also resulted in the death of a victim and serious injuries to another. Authorities believe the area is well-marked to signify the correct direction and are examining how and when drivers made the fatal mistake to driver in the wrong direction. Distraction, fatigue, impairment or a medical issue could be the reason for drivers to make a wrong turn. Authorities are encouraging all motorists to not drive distracted to prevent other fatal crashes such as these.

Any serious injury or death that occurs following a motor vehicle accident can result in significant financial stress for those injured and/or family members. Because crashes are often complicated and difficult to process, many injured victims and family members of deceased victims find a Florida personal injury attorney to be of immense assistance. Some may seek help with an insurance claim, while others may choose to file a lawsuit in civil court against the party or parties deemed responsible. 


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