Florida man suffers serious brain injury following truck accident

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Every injury takes time to heal and some injuries obviously take longer than others. In particular, a brain injury can result in the need for significant medical care and rehabilitation. One Florida family is discovering how long the process can be as their their loved one struggles to recover following a horrific motor-vehicle accident

The injured man is a local officer who serves his Florida community. He is engaged to be married and works with other volunteers who share his passion for the protected species of Marco Island. Unfortunately, a motor vehicle accident has altered his way of life. While operating a U-Haul truck he was struck by another truck. That vehicle had left the road and crossed the median prior to crashing into his U-Haul head on.

Following the crash, he suffered a brain injury that has required medical care in the intensive care unit. Although he initially required a medically induced coma and a ventilator, he is showing signs of improvement. He currently is breathing without a ventilator and has responded to the voice of his fiancé. In anticipation that he will need further assistance as he continues to heal from his injury, his family is considering moving him to a specialized rehab facility when it is appropriate. Understanding that the medical care is a financial burden, his community is helping to raise financial support through fundraisers and a GoFundMe account.

Some individuals are able to make a complete recovery following a brain injury and others may have permanent symptoms or disabilities. In motor vehicle accidents, many victims are eligible to file auto insurance claims to assist with the medical expenses, but most insurance policies have a limit on the amount they will compensate victims per accident. Florida attorneys may suggest that victims file a personal injury lawsuit against drivers who were deemed at fault for an accident.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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