High-asset divorce: Attorneys can advise on child support

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August is child support awareness month. In a high-asset divorce, child support may be a significant part of negotiations. Child support typically involves the higher earning parent paying the parent with lower wages a calculated amount of financial support for the well-being of any shared children. Because of the complexity of negotiations and multiple different ways a family’s unique circumstances can affect child support, many parents choose to have a Florida family law attorney to advise them through the process.

The individual receiving child support does not necessarily have to be the mother or a parent, just the individual granted guardianship of the child or children. Child support can be determined in court or out of court, depending on the needs of a family and the route chosen to approach the process. The amount of financial support ordered every month is typically based on a set of calculations, and the amount of income the paying parent expects to earn.

Sometimes, parents may have difficulty making payments or receiving payments. When a guardian has difficulty obtaining court-ordered support, family law attorneys can help with wage garnishment and/or other enforcement measures. Wages can be garnished with multiple different sources of income and may help ensure prompt and consistent payments.

It is understandably expensive to raise children in today’s society and difficult for one guardian to attempt to do it alone. Many guardians in the middle of a high-asset divorce find that the advice of a Florida family law attorney can make the difficult process smoother. In addition, attorneys remain a resource until child support payments end, typically when a child reaches adulthood.


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