Man charged with DUI following fatal crash

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Because of the serious consequences to an individual and others on the Florida roadways, drunk driving offenses are taken seriously.  Property damage, serious and/or fatal injuries can occur if an accident results from a drunk driver. DUI offenders may experience fines, jail time and license revocation. One Florida man is facing serious charges following an accident that resulted in the death of one man another man’s injuries.

The accident occurred late at night. Authorities have accused the 43-year-old male driver of running a red light in his pickup truck and crashing into another car. The other car was driven by a 20-year-old driver and was transporting two male passengers. Allegedly, the pickup driver did not remain at the scene of the accident, but he was later found, arrested and accused of drunk driving.

Sadly, one of the car’s passengers did not survive his injuries. Reportedly, the other passenger suffered serious injuries and is being treated in a medical facility. Miraculously, the driver of the car did not suffer any injuries.

DUI charges can be complicated by a driver’s history and other involved circumstances. If an offense occurs without harm to others or property, a driver may only face fines, jail time and license suspension. When an accident occurs additional criminal charges can be pursued against an individual, increasing the potential for increased consequences if convicted of the charges. Individuals in Florida who have been charged with a DUI or related criminal offense often find securing a skilled attorney to be to their benefit.


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