Motor vehcile accidents: Attornneys can help victims after crash

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Loss of life is always difficult to accept. When it occurs at a young age, the life a young person will not get to live is often grieved in addition to the loss of their presence. Sadly, one Florida high school student was the tragic victim of a complicated multi-car crash. Motor vehicle accidents such as this one can be difficult for victims and surviving families to sort out the details in the aftermath.

The crash occurred on the morning commute to school before seven in the morning. Very few details of the crash were released due to the pending investigation. It is believed that two teenagers were traveling in a vehicle that lost control and crashed into a minivan in the opposite late of traffic. The first crash resulted in a second collision with a third vehicle. The reason that the first vehicle lost control is unknown, but investigators stated they are evaluating the speed of the vehicle at the time of the crash.

Sadly, both teenagers in the out-of-control vehicle were ejected, and both suffered serious injuries. One senior high school student did not survive his or her injuries. Three other individuals were also reported to be injured, and their conditions are unknown.

Difficult motor vehicle accidents such as this one are often a burden to process in the midst of grief and treatment for injuries. Injured victims or families of deceased victims may be confused by whose insurance should pay for medical and property damages. Florida personal injury attorneys can assist victims or families of deceased victims understand how to file insurance claims against the at-fault driver’s insurance or their own insurance when necessary. Based on the evidence of each individual case, attorneys may advise some victims to file a lawsuit in civil court for damages beyond what insurance can cover.


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