Fraternity ritual may have resulted in man’s brain injury

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The practice of hazing by fraternities and other college organizations has been questioned over the years. One reason they have been questioned has been due to the serious injuries and/or death some students have faced related to some hazing rituals. Recently, one man has filed a lawsuit against a Florida State University fraternity and some of its members following a brain injury he suffered as part of a common fraternity ritual.

The man was living at the fraternity house at the time of his accident and was unaware of a ritual often performed at the chapter meetings. At the meeting, he was named “Scumbag of the Week,” which involved another member striking him because he had been given the title. Unfortunately for the young man, the other man struck him so hard he was knocked to the floor where he struck his head. He was reportedly unconscious and bleeding from the blow.

Doctors would later determine that the blow to the head resulted in a fracture to his skull and brain hemorrhaging. The young man spent five days in a neuro-intensive care unit and claims to still suffer symptoms such as memory problems, paranoia, post-traumatic stress, panic attacks and difficulty in group settings. He has filed a lawsuit against the FSU Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter, and eight individuals allegedly involved have been named in the lawsuit.

Suffering a brain injury can have a serious impact on a person’s life. Not only can a serious injury inhibit some basic daily activities, it can result in a difficulty to work for an income. Florida personal injury attorneys understand the issues a victim may face and can advise the best option for legal recourse based on an individual’s specific situation.


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