Motor vehicle accidents result in multiple injuries and deaths

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Operating a vehicle requires trust. It requires trust in personal skills to safely operate a motor vehicle, and it requires trust in other drivers to safely operate their own vehicles. Unfortunately, some drivers make poor decisions and place others traveling Florida roadways at risk. In a complicated series of motor vehicle accidents, four people were killed and two were seriously injured following one man’s alleged drunk driving.

The accident occurred late at night and began with a minor accident between a car and a motorcycle. Both the vehicles were pulled over to the shoulder of the road in addition to another vehicle that had stopped to assist the victims of the first accident, when a second fatal accident occurred. A 42-year-old male driver struck the back of one of the stopped vehicles prior to striking the people standing along the road due to the motorcycle accident. The van came to a stop after crashing into the other stopped car on the shoulder.

Sadly, six victims suffered serious injuries. Four victims died as a result of their injuries. Early evidence in the accident investigation has resulted in the van driver’s arrest for drunk driving. He has been charged with four counts of a DUI with manslaughter, two counts of a DUI with serious bodily injury and other related criminal charges. His bond is set at $125,000.

Many motor vehicle accidents such as this one are complicated, and it can be difficult to sort out insurance claims. Families of deceased victims may find it especially difficult to process the details of an accident in the midst of grief. Florida personal injury attorneys are experienced with handling similar complicated accidents and can assist families with filing insurance claims. In addition, if a family wishes to seek compensation beyond what insurance benefits may cover, an attorney may advise filing a wrongful death lawsuit.


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