Man bought ice-cream and was charged with drunk driving

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One man in Florida thought he was getting some ice cream but instead found himself in need of an attorney. After arriving at an ice cream shop, authorities were called due to the man’s alleged behavior. He was later arrested and charged with drunk driving.

Reportedly, witnesses in the area noticed that the man drove recklessly into the parking lot. Concerned over the man’s appearance, the state of his car and his behavior, the staff in the shop called law enforcement authorities. The staff reported that the man’s car appeared to be banged up and had a shredded tire. The man reportedly entered the ice cream shop wearing no shirt and appeared to be intoxicated as he ordered his ice-cream.

He allegedly ran away from the shop and the police after they arrived. They apparently caught up to the man because he decided to stop and eat his ice-cream even though he was being chased. Allegedly, the man refused to perform routine sobriety tests, spat on EMS personnel and was uncooperative following his arrest. Authorities report that he smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes and that they threatened to spray him at least twice to get him to calm down on the way to the station.

As in this man’s case, there are some drunk driving cases that may have a lot of details to examine. Florida criminal defense attorneys are skilled to handle complex cases. Attorneys are available to advise clients regarding the best defense strategy for their particular circumstances.


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