Motor vehicle accidents: Man killed in rear-end crash

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Recently, the Florida Highway Patrol had to close several lanes of traffic on a busy interstate to clear a complicated and tragic accident. Authorities reported that the accident involved multiple collisions. Sadly, one man lost his life as a result of the motor vehicle accidents. 

The investigation is pending and the details are not clear about all the events that preceded the chain reaction collisions. Authorities have reported that a 21-year-old male driver was rear-ended by another vehicle, and the accident resulted in serious injuries. Reportedly the man was properly restrained with a seat belt, but sadly, he did not survive his injuries.

Authorities report that a total of seven vehicles were involved in the chain reaction crashes. No other injuries were reported for the occupants of the other vehicles. It is unknown if the occupants in one of the vehicles suffered any injuries because the driver fled the scene of the accident. Witnesses state that the vehicle may have been a passenger van.

Accidents involving multiple vehicles and collisions can be difficult to sort out the aftermath. The costs of property damage, medical expenses for injuries and burial expenses for any deceased victims can result in significant financial stress. Florida personal injury attorneys are experienced with examining the collected evidence of accidents and can advise victims, including surviving families of deceased victims, on how to file automobile insurance claims to cover documented losses. In addition, the families of deceased victims may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.


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