Motor vehicle accidents: Tractor-trailer falls off interstate

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With multiple vehicles traveling the Florida roadways, accidents with other vehicles are bound to happen. Many accidents can be prevented by avoiding simple tasks such as distracted or intoxicated driving, but drivers continue to participate in risky behavior. While some motorists and passengers are fortunate to escape some crashes without injuries, others are not. Motor vehicle accidents can result in property damage, serious injuries and/or death. Sadly, an unusual accident involving a tractor-trailer recently resulted in the death of one man and injuries to at least five others.

As reported in a video accompanying an article, the accident occurred on a major interstate, and investigators believe it began after a vehicle merged onto the interstate. At some point during the merge, the vehicle lost control and crossed into the path of a tractor-trailer, crashing into it. The impact of the crash resulted in the tractor-trailer striking the median of the interstate and falling below the interstate overpass onto another vehicle traveling the street below.

At least four vehicles were involved in the crash. The semi burst into flames and crushed one vehicle, killing the driver inside. At least five others were injured in the crash and have been treated for their injuries. At this time, the victims’ conditions are unknown.

Handling the aftermath of horrific motor vehicle accidents is certainly overwhelming. Florida personal injury attorneys understand the difficulty victims and families of deceased victims face after similar multi-vehicle accidents. Attorneys are equipped with the experience to assist victims through insurance claims and/or lawsuits when necessary.


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