Bicycle/Pedestrian Accidents: 7 injured in crash at bus stop

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that approximately 1,300 people were killed in school-related transportation accidents throughout the years of 2006 to 2015. Alarmingly, 100 of those killed were school-aged children. Sadly, seven more Florida individuals are victims of bicycle/pedestrian accidents following a crash as they waited at a school bus stop.

The details of how the crash occurred were not reported, but it is known that a 47-year-old male struck the group of five children and two adults early in the morning as they waited for the bus. Authorities report that the driver did not appear to be impaired, and the investigation is pending. All seven individuals were treated in a hospital, and two children remain hospitalized.

Reportedly, three other similar accidents have occurred at bus stops in recent weeks as children waited to be transported to school. Reportedly, children were injured in these bus accidents as well, and three children died as a result of their injuries. Two accidents are currently considered hit-and-run cases, and authorities continue to investigate to find the responsible drivers.

Unfortunately, bicycle/pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries and/or death. It is certainly upsetting to learn that the lives of children are impacted following an accident. The extent in which injuries can impact the quality of life of a child is sometimes unknown in the days following a crash. Parents with children who have suffered serious injuries may find the advice of a personal injury attorney helpful as the aftermath of an accident is sorted out. Florida attorneys can assist parents with insurance claims or help a family determine if a lawsuit in civil court is the best method for legal recourse.


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