Man charged with DUI following serious wrong-way crash

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Drivers can face serious consequences if they have been convicted of criminal conduct, especially if it results in harm to other individuals. Drunk driving can result in serious preventable property damage, injury and/or death. One Florida man is likely relying upon a criminal defense attorney in the aftermath of the serious crash he was involved in and the DUI charges he faces.

The 25-year-old made a U-turn on a busy road late at night. Once he made the U-turn, he reportedly ended up in the northbound lanes even though he was driving southbound. Not long after, he was in a head-on collision with a vehicle occupied by a 24-year-old woman. Two weeks prior, a similar collision occurred in the same location with another wrong-way driver.

The woman suffered serious injuries and is reportedly in critical condition. The man also suffered injuries, but he has been released from emergent medical care. He was taken into custody by authorities and has been charged with a DUI with serious injury and driving in the wrong direction. He has a $5,000 bond.

If convicted, the consequences could have a life-long impact for the accused man. If the other driver does not survive her injuries, his charges would likely be upgraded to even more serious charges. Individuals in a similar position find the assistance of a skilled Florida criminal defense attorney helpful at every stage of the criminal proceedings. Some defendants choose to fight the accusations at trial, while others prefer a negotiated plea agreement in exchange for favorable sentencing considerations before the court.


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