Motor vehcile accidents: Venus Williams settles lawsuit

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Venus Williams is known for her skills on the tennis courts and not in the courtroom. Sadly, the tennis athlete is not immune from motor vehicle accidents, and she was involved in a fatal crash in Florida last year. Reportedly, she recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the victim’s estate.

According to the accident investigation report, Williams was leaving her gated community through an intersection at the time of the crash. Security camera footage captured the accident, and investigators believe she was legally traveling through the intersection on a green light when another vehicle cut her off. By the time Williams was able to remove herself from the intersection, the light was no longer green. Another vehicle driven by a 68-year-old woman with her husband as a passenger was also traveling through the intersection on a green light. The other driver was unaware that Williams remained in the intersection.

The vehicle crashed into Williams’ vehicle on the passenger side, resulting to injuries to both the woman and her husband. Sadly, the husband died almost two weeks later from his injuries. Williams did not suffer any injuries. Williams avoided criminal charges in the accident, but the estate of the deceased man filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Motor vehicle accidents are complicated and costly. They can cost victims and family members of deceased victims thousands of dollars in medical bills, burial expenses and damages. Florida personal injury attorneys can advise victims of their rights and legal options for recourse after examining the collected evidence of a case.


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