Motor vehicle accidents: Child killed in collision

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It is always tragic when lives are lost in car crashes. However, when motor vehicle accidents claim the lives of children, many find it harder to accept because the victims are so innocent and still have their entire lives ahead of them. One family in Florida is likely still reeling from a collision that took the life of one of their children and injured two others.

The accident occurred in Lehigh Acres around 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 12. Two vehicles were involved in the crash, which happened at the intersection of two roads. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that a 17-year-old male failed to stop at the intersection and collided with a minivan. The pickup truck he was driving flipped; however, no one in the truck suffered serious injuries.

The occupants of the minivan were not so lucky. The driver suffered minor injuries, as did a 2-year-old. Most tragic of all, a 5-year-old riding in the van suffered severe injuries and was taken to a local hospital, where doctors pronounced him deceased. Reports say that charges are pending.

Regardless of any charges filed against the 17-year-old for causing the fatal accident, the surviving family of the deceased young boy may proceed with a wrongful death claim against the driver. As is the case with all injury-causing motor vehicle accidents in Florida or any other state, those injured may also file suit to recoup compensation for the economic and noneconomic damages they incurred. Any charges filed against the driver may be used to help establish negligence before the court hearing the case.

Source: Fox 4 Now WFTX Fort Myers/Cape Coral, “Five-year-old killed in Lehigh Acres car crash“, Nov. 13, 2018


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