A brain injury may have delayed symptoms

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Among the many potential injuries a Florida resident could suffer in a car accident, an injury to the brain may be among the most terrifying because there is no way to predict the outcome. A brain injury may not even reveal symptoms for days after the accident, which is why a medical exam is critical even for those who seem to be uninjured. Untreated injuries to the head can have life-altering consequences.

A brain trauma can occur in many levels of seriousness. Certainly, if the head is penetrated by an object, the damage can be profound. However, some brain trauma occurs even when no outward injury is evident. A concussion, for example, is a common brain injury that results when the brain strikes the inside of the skull. When the brain bounced from one side of the skull to the other causing bruising on both sides, it is called a coup-contrecoup injury.

The symptoms of a brain trauma can range from a persistent headache to seizures and loss of consciousness. If an accident victim has trouble thinking or remaining alert, is ultra sensitive to light or sound, or experiences a loss of coordination, medical attention is warranted. Nausea and exhaustion are also symptoms that a brain injury may be present.

Suffering a life-changing brain injury often means an entire family suffers physically, emotionally and financially. When that suffering is due to the negligence of another driver, it may add to the frustration and heartache. Often, Florida residents find relief with the assistance of an attorney who can help them seek the compensation they need and deserve.


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