Motorcyclists are safer in states with tougher cell phone laws

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Distracted driving is widely known to cause traffic accidents and fatalities. While publicity campaigns and stricter laws have aimed to address the problem, about nine people are killed and more than a thousand are injured each day as a result of distracted driving.

However, one bright spot in the grim numbers is that a recent study has found that in states with strict hand-held and cell phone laws, motorcycle fatalities from motor vehicle crashes are down.

Study findings

The research done by Florida Atlantic University and the University of Miami shows the number of motorcycle deaths has decreased by 11% compared to states without strict cell phone laws or bans. The data isn’t clear about whether motor vehicle accidents have decreased in general, but it definitely reflects a decrease in the number of motorcycle deaths.

In the last decade, overall automobile safety has increased and with that, brought a lower number of motor vehicle fatalities, but the number of motorcycle fatalities has not decreased. Motorcycle fatalities usually account for a greater proportion of motor vehicle crashes relative to the number of vehicles on the roadways.

Cell phone bans work

What this study shows is that the strict cell phone bans and laws are effective. Since we continually hear about distracted driving as a threat to public safety, this is a good reason to increase tougher laws, strengthen those in place and increase enforcement.


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