Police search for answers after fatal pedestrian accident

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Most people are well aware of the potential dangers that come with operating any type of motor vehicle. What they may not consider is the risk that is involved when they are just a pedestrian. People walking near traffic are susceptible to harm that can be even more serious since they do not have the protection of a vehicle. This is echoed in the recent death of one woman here in Florida who was the victim of a recent pedestrian accident that has left authorities with several questions.

Officials say that the accident occurred on a recent evening. A woman was struck by a vehicle while she was attempting to cross the street. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, but did not survive.

Though the driver of that vehicle has been in contact with authorities, the investigation is still open. The driver along with multiple witnesses say that another vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction is the one who initiated the crash. As a result, police have deemed this accident a hit and run. They are examining surveillance footage from local businesses and other sources in an attempt to determine exactly what occurred. Charges have not yet been filed.

Whether the police decide to file criminal charges or not in connection to this incident, the family of the victim does have other means of legal recourse. A civil claim could be filed against any parties that Florida authorities deem to be responsible for the fatal pedestrian accident. A wrongful death claim could result in financial compensation that would assist the woman’s family in moving forward from this tragic event.


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