County police announce new DUI task squad

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Alcohol is a part of the adult lives of many people. Some use it in conjunction with social events and others as a way to unwind from day-to-day stress. Though most people consume alcohol with no ill intentions, they can face potentially serious consequences if they are pulled over for a DUI. One county in Florida has created a new task force specifically looking for intoxicated drivers. Anyone who is charged as a result of the extra efforts of the DUI squad may need a comprehensive criminal defense.

The sheriff’s office for the county made the announcement that the new DUI squad includes 20 deputies and two supervisors. They will have additional specialized training that will allow them to better locate and apprehend anyone driving under the influence. A representative for the sheriff’s office said that the intention for creating this squad is so that everyone on it has access to any recent updates in DUI law, detection equipment and training.

The office recently joined forces with the Florida Highway Patrol and local police to enforce DUI laws, saying they want to enforce a zero-tolerance policy. They are monitoring drivers to see if they exhibit any suspicious driving behavior, such as weaving or crossing over lane markers. The county saw its DUI arrests go down a bit, with over 1,600 arrests in 2018, down from over 1,700 arrests in 2017.

People who are charged with a charged with a DUI will need a good criminal defense to ensure that the impact on their lives is minimized as much as possible. A DUI conviction can result in fines, revocation of driving privileges and even jail time. An experienced DUI defense attorney can assist anyone accused of this kind of crime and ensure that he or she understands all available options.


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