Man dies from injuries days after serious car accident

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A car crash is nearly always a stressful event. Even a minor fender bender can significantly impact a person’s life, especially when injuries occur. A car accident that results in the loss of someone’s life has the potential to upend the world of the victim’s family. This is likely what one Florida family is experiencing after a man died several days after being injured in a two-vehicle crash.

Authorities say the crash happened on a recent evening. A woman driving a passenger car made a left turn onto a local street from a state route. Another car was traveling in an oncoming direction. Police claim that the second car failed to stop at a red light, running into the woman’s car on the passenger side.

Both drivers suffered only minor injuries, but a man in passenger seat of the woman’s car was seriously injured. First responders rushed him to a nearby hospital. Though medical teams did all they could to treat him, the man died from his injuries just over a week later.

Authorities charged the man in the second car with running the red light. They do not believe that alcohol played any role in the causing the crash. There is no word on whether the driver will face any additional charges now that the man has died.

car accident like this one can devastate an entire family, both emotionally and financially. No matter what the outcome of any criminal charges may be, the family of the victim has the right to file a civil claim against the driver of the second car, or anyone else believed responsible for the crash. An experienced personal injury attorney can help a Florida family what the best course of action may be to seek justice.


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